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Arrow Bamboo field divisions$25 —  volleyball size root ball with canes up to 5 feet tall.$50 — Basketball size root ball with canes over five feet tall
Pseudosasa japonica; Arrow Bamboo   Culms are erect with leaves up to 12 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. Very effective as a hedge or screen and tolerates more shade than Phyllostachys varieties. Also does well in tubs and pots and as a house plant. In ancient Japan, the culms were used to make arrows, hence the name “Arrow Bamboo.” Up to 3/4″ diameter, 18′ tall. Minimum Temperature: 5°F, Does best in 1/2 day sun.robertyoung3Robert Young Bamboo field divisions

  1. $25 volleyball size root ball with cane(s) up to 10 feet tall.
  2. $50 basketball size root ball with cane(s) up at least 10 feet tall.
  3. $75  (2)basketball size rootball with canes at least 15 feet tall.




Phyllostachys viridis ‘Robert Young’ 

Very impressive timber bamboo.

Average mature size  3 ” x  45′      Hardy to 5F
Sun to Part Shade

It comes up green and turns yellow with random green stripes on some of the canes.  Very fast grower and drought tolerant once established.


 Other bamboos that I have to sell….
Alphonse Karr





1.  Elm Top — 10/26/13 –33″ long, 22″ tall, 7-9″ wide, 3 coats of shellac, has captivating trails on front from a hungry longhorn beetle. $150

2.Elm Top–10/27/13–32″ long, 20″ tall, 10″ wide, 3 coats of shellac.  $225 (sold)

3. Cedar Top — 10/28/13–43″ long, 25″ tall, nearly 9″ wide, two coats of spar poly. $175 (pine legs stained red to match the top)
4. Post Oak Top — 10/29/13 — 30″ long, 28″ tall, nearly 12″ wide, two coats of spar poly.  $125
5. Post Oak Top — 10/30/13 — 40″ long, 22″ tall, 8 1/2–7″ wide, 2 coats of spar poly.  $125 (this one is at Modern Dry Cleaners in Lufkin…….1022 E Denman Ave, Lufkin, TX 75904)
6.  Elm Top — 10/31/13 — 32″ long, 21″ tall, nearly 13″ wide, very unique longhorn beetle trails on front.  2 coats of spar poly.  $175  (This one is at B and C Farm Supply in Huntington ….890 N US Highway 69, Huntington, TX 75949)
And I have a nice 4 leg slab bench for $175 at Poulands in Diboll……611 N Temple Dr Ste A,Diboll, TX 75941
 All six together….

 sold out of the variety below…..more coming soon